The Power to Communicate: True Colors

True Colors®

The Power to Communicate:

True Colors Personality Assessment increases understanding and management of people and relationships.  It encourages harmony within difficult liaisons and creates win-win situations.

Do you find that it’s easier to work with some and less so with others?  Many times we have heard the phrase “that’s just the way I am.”  Does this mean we cannot improve relationships?  Not at  all.  There is great potential to enhance any relationship in any format or setting.

True Colors® personality assessment tool is designed to create awareness in how we get along with others.

About True Colors®

In 1978, Founder Don Lowry created the metaphor True Colors® to translate complicated personality and learning theory into practical information.  For centuries man has studied fellow man.

The “Magic” of True Colors

Through the True Colors® metaphor, the mystery of our own behaviors and personality becomes clear.  Only when we understand, can we change.  Thus, the “magic” of True Colors® and the power of its presentations are discovered in the “ah-ha’s” that provide us with clarity and understanding.  This information becomes an invaluable tool for enjoying success in our careers, families, and personal relationships.  It opens our minds to new possibilities and allows us to undertake workable new actions.  It becomes a key factor in fostering increasingly good feelings about ourselves and others.



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