Life Changes without a warning….. or Not.

IMG_1269Most times we think life changes without a warning…….If we are paying attention, we may not be surprised by the change.

Whenever we get too comfortable, (or lazy or not paying attention), life changes to push us to do something more; to do something different; to do something meaningful; to revisit our vision /road map/ goals.  It’s hard to understand right away, why things are changing without our permission. We feel the world is against us.

If we could only for a moment see that this was to get us ready for the next BIG, exciting chapter of our lives, then maybe we could behave in a proactive way and not indulge in non-productive behaviors.

If only we can see at that moment, that someone believes in us in a bigger way than we do in ourselves, then maybe transitions will be less stressful and less painful.  We may look forward to change.

What to do:

-pay attention; set new goals; revisit old goals; do something different everyday; be grateful everyday; explore new and different things; believe that we deserve better, trust that things are easy and seamless, write a mission/vision statement, journal each day, ……….the best is yet to come.


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