People are generous world over.  Some are more than others. The generous ones will give with a good heart and walk away without looking back…. expecting nothing in return….. whether it is volunteering, donating money, donating food, helping a loved one, or whatever it is.

Others give, walk away and then look back to see how / if they are going to be rewarded.  We may walk away after giving but sometimes we walk away very slowly hoping to give others a chance to repay.  It is the same as taking back what you have given.

Even expecting others to say “thank you” doesn’t qualify as selfless.  That is still expecting something in return.

Why is it so difficult for us to be selfless?  Is it a lack of self-worth? Is there an emptiness inside of us that needs to be filled? 

Give freely without expecting anything in return. Give and forget about it.


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