Let’s talk about it …….

talkingWe all know someone who talks and talks and talks. They have answers for everything and will respond in long sentences and big paragraphs. It seems as though they are almost afraid of silence.

They repeat themselves three different ways in the same response to the same question. Very rarely will they have a one-word response. Very rarely will they agree with someone else’s comment or belief.
Most times, they tend to be negative in their commentary. They are extremely chatty and give advice freely.

A response will be immediately generated for any question, any comment or anytime advice maybe needed.  They will respond to rhetorical questions.

It can be disruptive to a person’s work day and/ or peace of mind.

They may stress themselves out in the process, as well as stressing others  including family, friends, co-workers, etc.

Here’s how to reduce your own stress around extremely talkative people:

  • Say very little. For example – “I see”, “interesting”, “oh…”, “hmm…”
  • Don’t take it personally. They will talk to anyone who appear to be listening.
  • Take a break – At the first sign of escape, excuse yourself to the bathroom. Look yourself in the mirror and find the funny in it…..laugh.
  • Don’t try to fix them. It is probably not your job to fix.
  • Use this as an opportunity to learn something new about them.
  • Find ways to compliment them, especially when they listen to you or see your point of view.
  • Find some alone time to decompress.
  • Remember – everyone is different. Increase your own self-worth by appreciating your own qualities and attributes.
  • Use this as a reminder to become a better listener.
  • Ask deep questions of them if you must. E.g. “What is the one thing you would like to change about yourself this year and why?”

Life is too short to allow others to increase our stress levels. Find healthy ways to de-stress.


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