When my Mom passed away…

On January 3rd, two years ago my mom passed away and the sadness never leaves but especially at this time, it returns painfully.  It will always be a day my family remembers with a heavy heart.

One of the things I remembered was how busy and frazzled my family was planning final arrangements and getting all of the details in place.  In our culture, there are so many pieces to pull together. In a time of intense grieving, my family was also busy making final arrangements.

A couple months ago, I started a new job in the funeral industry. I now understand the concept of pre-planning final arrangements.  Making your final arrangements ahead of time, before a death occurs can certainly protect a family from some of the emotional and financial burdens that often occur after the loss of a loved one.

In every culture, this is different pertaining to pre-arrangements and certainly with my mom, pre-arrangement is not a part of our culture, yet.  I can see how this concept would make sense.

Celebrate your life:       Every life is different, and your service should reflect the things you hold dear.  In addition to incorporating religious or cultural traditions that are important to you, pre-planning helps to create a ceremony that reflects your individual wishes and honors the life you lived.

It is not something we think about and certainly not something we want to talk about.

Your legacy. Your gift.  Plan to make it right.
We plan for important life events, such as weddings, college education for our children and retirement.  We insure ourselves against things that may happen, including vehicle accidents, personal injury and medical emergencies.  Doesn’t it make sense to plan for the inevitable?

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