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I- am a certified Business Trainer and Motivational Speaker and have been working in the field for 15 plus years; -Working in Sales for 3 years -Instructor Trainer for infant massage; I moved to Wisconsin as a freshman in college, with only a suitcase of my belongings and with many expectations. It helps to be naive. It has been a fabulous life, with many life lessons along the way. Would like to work with Teens and adults

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Light & Darkness

img_4342Darkness will always seek light.  At night, we turn lights on to eliminate darkness.  Negative people seek out positive people.  Opposite attracts. We need both sides of a coin to make it work.  In a strange and enlightening way, we need darkness to enjoy the light, the clarity of negativity.

Find the positive in the midst of negativity, especially during the holiday season.  Find some “me” time.