Infant Massage

A Generation of Tradition:

with my daughter, Mayanna

My name is Maltee McMahon and Infant Massage has always been in my family.  My grandparents massaged my mother, my mother massaged me and I massaged my kids.
I grew up in a small island in the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago.   My ancestors came from India and brought the art of infant massage with them.

Even though I grew up with infant massage, after I became an adult I didn’t think of getting back into it until I had my son.
One day as a baby he was crying and as most parents wrestle with what to do with crying babies, I felt the same anxiety to soothe him.

I called my mom in panic, who resided thousands of miles away in a different country altogether, for her to tell me how to baby massage my son in an effort to calm him down.  That conversation was the beginning of my learning to merge old wisdom with new wisdom.

Merging Cultures:
At the time I was also working with a nonprofit community agency which focused on parenting education programs for families and children.  I also wanted to merge my culture with this culture somehow.  In 1999 I started my journey with infant massage.  It was a great environment to introduce families to infant massage for both babies and older children.  It has been enjoyable.

As a Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI), I shared massage with many families, community groups, public events, presentations, and in every format and audience possible and have been for the past 15+ years.

Thank you for your interest. Become an Instructor or learn to massage your own baby.