Festival of Lights

Divali, the Festival of Lights was celebrated all over the world during the end of October.The significance surrounds the story of a great Prince sent into exile by his father encouraged by his step-mother.  He stayed in exile for 14 years and on his return to the village, on the darkest night of the year, villagers starting lighting lights to show him the way home.

The whole kingdom was glowing with lights. Symbolically light removes darkness, positive removes negative. The victory of good over evil. The Divali lights illuminate our homes and our hearts.

People are in a festive mood, cooking sweets and enjoying family, performing prayers in preparation to light their lights.

Mother Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity, is also honored during Divali. She emerged this night during the churning of the ocean as a representation of strength and prosperity. People pray to her for financial abundance especially during this auspicious time.


Love grows 

Everything grows with love.  This sweet potato vine is amazing.  Everyday we look at it and praise it for being healthy and beautiful, and it grows and grows. Appreciation works.

Try appreciation today.

It is easy to decorate the outside…….

“It’s not the clothes but the person wearing the clothes……”

So many people are swayed by pomp and show and pageantry.
It would be interesting to see the differences in social etiquette of those, when they’re alone in their homes as opposed to when they’re out in public.

Sometimes we project that we are socially elite but demonstrate less than elite behaviors. It is a sign of low self-confidence. We try so hard to be something other than what/who we are.

“You’re beautiful on the outside but so much more beautiful on the inside…”

Be authentic.  Like and be yourself.  Practice humility.  Give more, expect less.